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In the 2nd installment of the TinderMentor podcast your hosts Dominik and Florian are bringing to you the 7 types of pictures you should instantly wipe off your Tinder profile. Everybody has been guilty of having at least one of those in their profile at one point– We, The TinderMentors, certainly have.

Which photos to actually put into your profile, and which tinder bio to use along with it,  is a way more complicated story, because a good profile is like a work of art and has to be well composed. Because of it’s complexity this topic will be dealt with in one of the following episodes, and of course in the TinderMentor Ebook, Modern Man meets Modern Girl, and in our Seminar, the TinderMentor Masterclass.  (links zu ebook und masterclass). , where this one and many more Tinder tips will await you.

Your Profile is your Avatar when communicating with your Match, so be careful it’s well tuned and doesn’t include on of the things we’re talking about in this episode. But don’t worry, you dont need to be a model to get the hotties. (Click here to find out why anyone can get the hottest girls on tinder)


Ok guys, do not ever take selfies! Tinder pics should look natural and not staged, which is a criterium a selfie can never fulfill. It also makes you look like you have no friends. If you are in a Situation that you think is worth taking a picture, let someone else take it for you. There’s a minor exception though, and that is if the selfie is 10/10 great –but that only includes selfies with at least 4 oscar nominated Hollywood actors with you in the picture, or Bill Murray painting the face of your drunk friend in some random bar. Other than that, avoid the selfie at all costs.

Potato Pic

A very important thing to keep in mind when creating your Tinder profile is to only use high resolution pictures. Avoid pictures that look like they’ve been taken with a literal potato. Trying to get a lot of matches using pictures made with a cellphone, with bad lighting or saved in a low resolution file is a losing proposition. People want to see you clearly, otherwise they’ll just swipe left on you because there’s an almost endless stream of guys behind you that the girls can choose from. If the first one is bad, chances are the girls aren’t even taking the time to look at your other pictures.

Girlfriend Pic

When used correctly, pictures with girls in them with you can be a positive thing. However if the girl in the picture with you can be perceived as your girlfriend or ex-girlfriend even with a 1% chance, it can ruin your profile. So really there’s no chance to risk it. The Mentors talked to many many girls on all their dates leading up to the creation of the TinderMentor project, and all of them told them they don’t wanna see other girls with the guys in the picture. Girls don’t like competition, cheating men or guys that aren’t over their exes – and a girl in a Tinder profile could be a read as an indicator that one of these is waiting in their future if they swipe right.

Topless Pic

Unless you are in very good shape, and we’re talking Men’s Health cover model here, don’t put a picture of you topless in your profile. For girls, a good physique is far less important than for us guys. So unless you’re extremely well formed,you won’t impress anybody. The problem when still doing so you get compared to the fitness models and hollywood stars, and if you don’t match up well there, we highly recommend not taking on that battle. Also keep in mind that all the other rules still apply, so even if you are super ripped, don’t take a topless Selfie, potato pic or atopless pic with a girl.

Tourist Pic

A picture that makes you look like a tourist, isn’t going to impress anybody. Yeah, we understand that that trip to Paris you saved up for so long was very special to you,but let us tell you: Visiting the Eiffel Tower is nothing special in the year of 2016. If you wanna show in your profile that you are well travelled choose some off the path sights, and use the scenery in a subtle way. And of course, never pose but make your pictures look natural. Tourist pics are A not original, and B famous monuments will take the focus from you in the picture. The leaning tower of Pisa,the Colloseum in Rome and the Tower Bridge in London are very impressive works of architecture, and it’s very hard to look charismatic next to them.

Sedated Tiger Pic

Some pictures might be considered inappropriate, or even offensive by some people, and those pictures shouldn’t be in your online dating avatar. Sedating a tiger, taking pictures with people living in poverty, posing with killed animals are all in this category. Think twice about your selection and as soon as you think something could be interpreted in a negative way,wipe it off your profile – it’s just not worth potentiallyoffending your future wife, fuckbuddy or one night stand for a picture that, let’s be honest, sucked anyway because it was staged.

Drinking Pic

If you are drinking on a photo, ask yourself if it should be on the internet in the first place – not only on Tinder, but in general. Unless you are a party animal and want to attract same minded people, it’s not a good idea to post something like that. If you’re drinking in 1 out of 4 pictures in your profile, girls will assume drinking and partying makes up 25% of your personality. They don’t know anything about you or your hobbies yet, so they think if you put up a picture like that, it’s something you do very regularly. We also have a secret tip for you: The most valuable girls don’t like to drink often or at all. Because models have a strict diet and successful women get up early.

Funny Stuff

We have bad news for you: This one picture that you find really funny just isn’t funny at all! Humor is a very specific thing, and jokes are hard to explain over the internet. Being funny belongs on a date or relationship, and not in the first approach. While girls like guys that are funny and aren’t taking themselves all too serious, they certainly don’t want a joker or a guy that is JUST funny. You really wanna portray the characteristics that are important to be attractive to women (as we are explaining in another Episode, in the Ebook and in our Seminar) first, before you try to be funny. Remember this tip also when deciding what opener to use. (Click here for the most successful tinder opening lines)

The Not You Pic

No! Guys, just no! Pictures that don’t show you in them have no place in your online dating profile. Tinder is a place where you want to meet interesting people, and not people who own a BMW or have a cute cat. Of course those things can be nice to have and certainly say something about your personality, but when you only have a limited amount of pictures to make people like you,it’s not perceived as very positive that you are trying to impress someone with animals, stuff, quotes or comics. You’ll have more than enough time to portray your personality and your interests on the first tinder date.

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Until next time

Happy Swiping