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First of all a big thank you to all of our listeners!

There was very good feedback so far on our Tinder tips, so we decided to give away  1 Tindermentor Ebook, Modern Man meets Modern Girl,  per Episode for free. All you have to do is send an email to support@tindermentor.com and you will be entered in a draw. The Ebook will officially launch on December 1st, 2016 and until then it’s on presale on our homepage www.tindermentor.com.

Today’s topic is The Superlike. This is a very controversial topic, and there are many opinions out there wheter it’s beneficial to superlike someone or not.
On Tinder you have the option not only to like people, but to superlike them. What that means ist you will appear on their Tinder within the next couple of swipes, and also they will see that you liked them in advance. This is clearly an advantage because you will stand out. Also there are some girls who only swipe  on a handful of guys before closing the app, using it only for a very short amount of time.

On the other hand though some girls think that superliking people is a little needy. However those girls you probably don’t wanna go out on a first date with anyway because if they think that showing your appreciation for someone in a dating app where everyone wants to meet other people anyway is needy, there’s a high chance that they’re close minded.

What we recommend is using the superlike for the girls you like the most and those who are likely to be on tinder for a limited amount of time, like tourists or stewardesses, just to make sure you’ll appear on their phone while they’re around.

All in all the importance of a superlike is very overrated, because if a girl really likes your tinderprofile she won’t swipe left just because you superliked her, and if she really doesn’t like your pictures and tinderbio,  a superlike won’t convince her to swipe to the right. So in the end what really counts is your profile, so we recommend not wasting your time thinking about superlikes too much, and invest your time in making your profile better or improving your texting skills, or with crafting good tinder opening lines.

In case you get superliked by a girl make sure you don’t overrate it either. Some girls use them in a very liberal way, others won’t ever superlike. What you need to be doing is screen her during texting to see how invested she really is in you.

To sum it up: Superlikes aren’t as big of a deal as people like to think.


As always,

Happy Swiping