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Florian Höller,

Executive Dating Coach and CEO of Tindermentor


Hello and Welcome,

if you want to get dates on demand you´ve definitely come to the right place!

My name is Florian and I´m the CEO and Executive  Coach at Tindermentor. We are a professional online dating consulting agency founded in Vienna, Austria in 2016. By now we also operate offices in Kiev, Ukraine  and Dubai, UAE.

But don´t worry, with our coaching methods we´re able to help you even if we can´t meet face to face, no matter your location in the world.


I have personally seen and reviewed thousands of male profiles.
I have tens of thousands of matches across my personal online dating accounts.
I have been on over a hundred dates from tinder alone and travelled every continent in the world. (Ok, despite the Antarctica...for now)

Over the years dating apps have revealed a lot of hints into how their algorithms might work.
We took notes very carefully.

We also broke down the essence of hundreds of scientific studies about dating, psychology and modern day app usage.

All of this goes into our consulting methods.

But enough talking. If you want to:

  • have a great profile (top 10% of men)

  • always know what to text

  • never have a bad date ever again
 the button below  for a 100% free consultation.

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